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App-connected building blocks train skills via physical play


playDXTR's smart building blocks let parents see their child's progress and suggests how to enhance their talents.

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Regular readers of Springwise will know that we love toys that combine physical play with digital intelligence — take this throwable computer, or this connected wooden doll. Using Bluetooth-enabled building blocks, playDXTR is helping parents understand their child’s cognitive development.

The playDXTR blocks are small magnetic squares that pop together, with built in sensors that connect them to an app. The child follows instructions-led, animated games to play with the blocks, all the while practicing skills such as dexterity, problem-solving and memory. Parents can view the child’s progress in real-time, alter difficulty levels and try suggested exercises that strengthen different talents. The startup is now crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where pledgers can preorder eight blocks for USD 69.

playDXTR have plans to integrate open source exercises, enabling children to code their own blocks. How else can smart tech enhance child learning?



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