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Smart cocktail spouts train amateur mixologists

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Bernooli's smart bottle tops and companion app will help users make perfect cocktails from the ingredients in their supply.

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Trained mixologists may glance at a bar of liquor bottles and see a round of perfect Old Fashioneds, but the rest of the population is more likely to feel slightly overwhelmed and content with a gin and tonic. We have already seen a subscription services helping cocktail-lovers expand their horizons at home, and now Bernooli is a startup offering smart bottle tops and a companion app, which enable users to concoct a drink from the ingredients in their supply.

To begin, users download the Bernooli app and attach the smart spouts to their alcohol bottles. Then, the app provides a menu of drinks they can make with what they have in the liquor cupboard. The user chooses one, causing the ingredients to light up. If the components need to be added in a certain order, the first will flash. When pouring, the spout lets the user add the precise measure needed. Adventurous users can create their own cocktails and the app will remember exactly what ingredients were used for next time. New inventions can also be shared on the app and users can browse the library of recipes created by others.


Various Bernooli packages can be pre-ordered at reduced prices, for expected delivery in June 2016. Prices start from USD 99 for two spouts and a shaker. Could similar smart technology be used to provide guidance to home-cooks?



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