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Smart connected cube reinvents classic puzzle

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A games company has added new dimensions to the three-dimensional puzzle cube with sensors, connectivity and an app

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At Springwise, we have seen a number of innovations that bring connectivity to toys. These include a cardboard robot with AI and a board game with voice-augmentation connect to Amazon’s Alexa. The next toy set for re-imagination is the cube puzzle. The first three-dimensional cube toy was invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and architect Erno Rubik. By 2009, the cube had become the world’s top-selling puzzle game. Now, the iconic puzzle toy has been re-engineered to be ‘smart’. The GoCube, produced by smart toy company Particula, is a connected cube that can add additional challenges – and also extra help – to the traditional cube puzzle.

GoCube contains sensors to track and measure activity, including the position of each block. It comes with an app that provides real-time analysis and display, as well as interactive tutorials that focus on learning and problem solving. The cube uses a rechargeable battery and connects to the app via Bluetooth. The GoCube’s sensors can measure elements of gameplay such as turns per second, number of moves, and time to completion. The system can also keep track of the cube’s exact movements and history, and enables players to monitor their performances, strengths and weaknesses.

Particula founder and CEO Udi Dor explains that the company, “wanted to create something that’s fun for anyone and offers new experiences for players of all levels.” To help achieve this, the app allows users to compete. Players can therefore pick someone to challenge, or allow the app to match users who are at the same level. To ensure a fair battle, GoCube also recognises the starting position of each player and guides them through moves to ensure that each player has a common starting position. The GoCube has completed a Kickstarter campaign, where the company raised several times its goal. The cubes will retail for around $119 USD, and will be available in 2019.



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