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Smart crib helps babies (and parents) back to sleep

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Fuseproject design studio have developed a wifi-connected smart crib, that detects when babies cry and safely rocks them back to sleep, monitoring sleep patterns.

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We recently saw a portable rocker that attaches to prams, soothing babies to sleep with gentle motions, and now there’s a fully connected smart crib aiming to give parents a full night’s sleep.


The SNOO crib was developed by Yves Behar’s Fuseproject studio. Combining baby safety with a stylish, calming design, the crib houses three microphones that detect when the baby cries. The baby sleeps on an inner platform, in a secure swaddle that prevents the child from turning over and risking cot death, that then begins rocking with increasing speeds to soothe the baby back to sleep. An open mesh design allows parents to see their child, and a free app collects data from the wifi-connected crib to monitor sleeping patterns (with the inner platform featuring a metal plate to shield children from wifi exposure). The SNOO crib is available from USD 1160.

With the main driver behind SNOO being the detrimental effects sleep deprivation can have on new parents, how else could smart devices ease the stress of new parenting?



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