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Smart desk adapts to the individual needs of workers

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This smart desk prioritizes worker's health, facilitates teamwork and improves productivity.

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We have already seen other ways in which innovation has worked to improve office productivity. For example, the invention of a USB device which helps workers with their time management of the day’s tasks. Similarly, students from the Swiss university ECAL designed office cubicles which can be easily customized, with the aim to transform the workspace and improve productivity. The Spanish company Ergon Desk has come up with their own way to stimulate productivity in the office with their unique design.

The company offers two products, group tables and standing desks. The group tables are made up of six workspaces arranged in a circular form, with each measuring 132 by 88 centimeters. In front of each seat is a cushion upon which workers can rest their forearms, and in the center of the table is a storage tray. The group table doubles as six individual workstations and a meeting table, saving precious office space and encouraging teamwork and collaboration. The product aims to facilitate efficient team work, made easier by being in close proximity and having easy eye contact with fellow workers.

The individual standing desk features electrically actuated legs which can be controlled via the company’s app on a smartphone, giving workers total freedom regarding their desk height. The desk encourages a healthier working routine, making it simple for workers to change from sitting to standing and thus minimizing sedentary habits and subsequent health complications. The mobile app tracks each worker’s habits through Bluetooth connected smart technology, saving the user’s preferences and providing personalized recommendations for different postures, prompting them to stand after sitting for too long, for example.

This high-tech approach to working at a desk makes work comfort a priority, recognising that this is the best way to increase efficiency. How else could offices be designed with this aim in mind? Could this be the beginning of a new way of approaching company productivity?



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