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Smart diaper alerts parents when their baby pees

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Huggies has created the Tweet Pee, a device that connects to parents' smartphones and lets them know when their baby's diaper needs changing.

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Sensor-based tech is increasingly giving parents a helping hand when it comes to monitoring and looking after their kids, as we’ve seen previously with the BleepBleeps kit. Now the Brazilian arm of diaper manufacturer Huggies has created the Tweet Pee, a device that connects to parents’ smartphones and lets them know when their baby’s diaper needs changing.

The Tweet Pee consists of a bird-shaped moisture sensor that is attached to the front of the baby’s diaper. When the baby pees, the device sends an alert to its parents’ smartphone letting them know if they need to change the diaper. The time of each instance is recorded through the Tweet Pee app, enabling parents to see how often their child is urinating. The app also shows the average time it takes for a fresh diaper to become spoiled, and parents can load the diaper packs they’ve bought to enable Tweet Pee to notify them when they need to buy some more. The video below explains — in Portuguese — how the app works:

There are few details available about whether Huggies intends to market the device, and some may have concerns about the effects of microwaves on sensitive young body parts. However, Tweet Pee could make busy parents’ lives easier by using tech to keep them updated about their baby’s needs. Are there other kinds of sensors that could help out moms and dads?

Spotted by Alexia Maury, written by Springwise



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