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Smart in-ear thermometer gives parents medical guidance

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The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer is a wireless medical device that offers parents guidance according to the child's developing condition.

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Very few people know what a thermometer reading mean, except that a 104 degree temperature is cause for concern. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer on the other hand, enables users to utilize the data they are collecting to track their family’s health and stay informed about illnesses doing the rounds in their neighbourhood. Now, Kinsa have launched a crowdfunding campaign for their latest product, the baby-friendly Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer, which, when used alongside the app’s new ‘guidance’ feature will help parents take the best action according to the child’s condition.

The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer has an ergonomic design, meaning it can be used on sleeping newborns without disrupting them. Parents can simply insert the tip into their baby’s ear and take a one-button instant reading, which is displayed on the device itself. Then, the thermometer transfers the reading wirelessly to the user’s smartphone and provides additional information via the accompanying app. Users can store up to 50 readings at once, helping them to track the patient’s condition for themselves and their doctor. The ‘guidance’ feature also provides medical advice based on the age, fever and symptoms of the patient.



The device is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo story and it has more than doubled its USD 50,000 funding goal. Supporters can pre-order the device from USD 40. How else could smart devices be used to help patients access reliable medical advice from their home?



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