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Smart exercise tracker for the vagina rewards women with vibrations

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kGoal aims to be a Fitbit for the vagina, helping pregnant women track their Kegel exercise regimes.

Sensor-based technology is now tackling almost every aspect of our lives, and in the past we’ve even seen smart products like BleepBleeps help parents-to-be get through their pregnancies. A new device called kGoal is now aiming to be a Fitbit for the vagina, helping pregnant women track their Kegel exercise regimes.

The pelvic floor muscles help to support the bladder and the womb, but age and childbirth can loosen them, leading to incontinence. Healthy pelvic floor muscles can also be responsible for increased pleasure during sex. One way to tackle the problem of loose muscles is to do Kegel exercises to strengthen them, although many women don’t keep on top of a regular practice. The kGoal incentivizes Kegel regimes with a smart device that’s inserted into the vagina and a companion app that tracks their performance. The device is made of soft rubber — meaning it’s comfortable to wear and flexible to fit most women — and holds sensors that detect when it’s being squeezed. Through the app, users can get feedback in real time and monitor how well they’re doing over longer periods. Additionally, the device offers optional biofeedback via vibrations in order to make the exercises pleasurable as well as useful.

Watch the video below to learn more about the kGoal:

Minna Life, the team behind the product, recently successfully funded the kGoal through Kickstarter, where it could be purchased from USD 99. Although the idea may seem outré to some, the smart capabilities of the kGoal might convince those already familiar with other Kegel exercise products to finally stick with their regimes. Are there other ways tracking devices can provide immediate incentives to exercise?



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