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Smart golf shoes provide swing feedback

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IOFIT gold shoes sync with smart device apps to provide golf swing feedback based on balance and stance, with sharable data that can be compared to pros.

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We’ve seen how virtual coach apps and wearables have diversified into a number of sports, such as an attachable device that monitors kayakers’ performances, smart wristbands that can help you train for five different sports, and now golfers are the latest to benefit.


IOFIT, an offshoot of Samsung Electronics, is a smart golf shoe that enables golfers to improve their swing. The shoes connect wirelessly via blutetooth to iOS and Android smart devices, so that users can record their golf swings via the IOFIT app. The shoes record weight distribution and power output as the user swings, and also features a video mode so that users can see how their data translates to their body movement. Data points are gathered via thin pressure sensors embedded within the shoe’s outer soles, with users also able to share and compare their performances with friends and professionals.

IOFIT are currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with shipping of shoes in all sizes and a range of colors expected in February 2017.

What other sports equipment could benefit from connected pressure sensors?



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