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Smart grill cooks food perfectly every time

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Palate Home has developed an intelligent cooker that never leaves meals undercooked or overdone.

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Home cooking can be very rewarding when it goes right, but also kind of soul crushing when it goes wrong. Devices such as the Drop smart kitchen scale have already helped amateur chefs to avoid disaster by adjusting recipes on the fly if they accidentally veer from the instructions. Now Palate Home wants to take out the human element altogether, with an intelligent cooker that never undercooks or overcooks meals.

For each meal, the Palate Smart Grill takes just one minute to setup and one minute to reset when the food is ready. The device detects what’s being cooked based on weight and composition and can cook almost any food perfectly according to personal preference. The food is placed within a fully contained countertop electric grill with cooking plates that have embedded sensors in them to measure and control temperatures. This makes it possible to prepare a whole meal in one go, leaving users with fewer things to clean once the meal’s been polished off. There’s also no rushing to take the food out of the grill when it’s done, as the cooker automatically switches to a low heat to keep it warm, but not burnt. Alongside the more manual approach, the cooker can also be controlled via the companion app. Users can also get alerts when their food’s ready.

There’s currently no word as to when the Smart Grill will hit the market. When it does, Palate Home aims to be as much a household name as George Foreman for its easy cooking techniques, with the added bonus of intelligent features that take the stress out of home food preparation. Are there other kitchen appliances that could benefit from the addition of new technology?



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