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Locky device | Photo source Pixabay

Smart key device reminds users to lock doors


Launched on Kickstarter, Locky has the features of both a smart lock and key tracker.

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With technology for keys and locks constantly evolving, new player Locky works as an alternative to smart locks, which require lock replacements and upgrades to doors. Locky is a key overlay that is compatible with 90 percent of key designs. It tracks key usage and sends the data to a dedicated mobile app, so a user knows when someone enters the home. The device also works as a key tracker and reminds users to lock doors upon leaving their property.

The linked app logs a full history of when a door is locked and unlocked. Another perk is getting notified when someone has entered the home using another key that has the Locky overlay. This provides peace of mind that a child has got home safely, for example. The device is battery powered, with power lasting for up to one year. The Poland-based creators launched the product on Kickstarter and was fully funded in just two hours.

New innovations have transformed the security industry, with more and more people wanting to optimise the safety of their home and belongings. A security router uses new technology to encrypt an entire home’s online activity, appealing to those whose privacy is crucial. Elsewhere, locking technology is even helping keep people on the go safe.



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