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Smart LED laser can identify people caught in a fire

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In an event of a fire a new smart device can help direct firefighters to those most in need of rescue.

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When firefighters arrive at a fire, it is important that they can quickly locate any people remaining in the building. Valuable time can be wasted trying to determine where the bedrooms are, or where people may be located. Now, an American company has developed a way to aid firefighters by illuminating the bedroom windows to indicate which person needs attention and help the most.

The MC Smart Controls Beam Ready BR-1000H is an LED and laser that is attached to the inside of the window frame. In the event of a fire, the BR-1000H is automatically triggered by the sound of the smoke alarm. Once triggered, a high-intensity flashing multi-color LED lights up – drawing the firefighters attention to the window. At the same time, it shoots a high intensity laser beam out the window. This can cut through any smoke to show rescue teams a direct path to the person’s room. When installed in the hallway of a commercial building or hotel, the laser beam can also help guide residents through the smoke to the nearest exit point in any building.

In the event that a fire breaks out but the smoke alarm does not go off, the BR-1000H can be manually triggered. The device is also equipped with WiFi. It uses a cloud-connected iOS or Android app that lets users remotely monitor the device’s status, and will alert them if it’s activated. The Beam Ready is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter.



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