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Smart bike light could make cycling safer

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A new smart light improves bicycle safety by alerting road users when a rider is turning, and sending an alert when there is an accident

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As every bicycle rider knows, the key to safety is being visible to the other vehicles on the road. A French startup called Cosmo Connected is hoping to make this easier for riders with a smart light that attaches to the back of the helmet using magnets. Cosmo already makes a similar light for motorcycle helmets, called the Cosmo Moto, and is hoping the new light, dubbed the Cosmo Bike, will be the first in a series of lights for a variety of uses, such as skiing, horse riding, construction, delivery workers, and police.

The Cosmo Bike weighs in at 80 grams (about 0.17 pounds), has eight LED lights – four red and four yellow, and comes with a dedicated app. Smart features include automatic turn signals that can be activated through SatNav in the app or manually using a remote control that attaches to the handlebars. There is also a deceleration light that tells other road users when the rider is stopping or slowing down, and a fall detector that can alert emergency contacts or the emergency services if the rider is injured. Users will also have the option of subscribing to a service that can notify friends, family and emergency services in the event of an accident.

While the Cosmo motorcycle light is already available, the company hopes to have the bicycle version ready in mid-2018. The company expects the light to retail for around USD 60. The smart light will join several other IoT products aimed at improving safety and security, such as a robot that can patrol homes while the owners are away and equipment to aid in firefighting. What other IoT products might help to make sports or activities safer?




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