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Smart pillow mimics natural light for healthy wake-up

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Los Angeles design company Mode has created the Sunrise Pillow to help improve the health of sleep by waking users through a simulation of natural morning light.

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Building on research that shows the importance of natural light in overall healthfulness, Los Angeles-based design company Mode has created the smart Sunrise Pillow for the best quality sleep and waking processes. To help users fall asleep, the pillow provides a range of options. Sound conditioning helps hide noisy disturbances, including a snoring partner, and nature sounds, guided meditation and audiobooks that turn off when the listener is asleep are some of the available choices.

In the morning, natural light and music can be scheduled in the same way as traditional alarms. Settings can be controlled via the remote control or on an Android or iOS smartphone app. Additional features of the pillow include blue lighting for mid-day boosts of energy and a reading light that can be set to amber or cool tones and timed to turn off after a certain point. Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, the first shipments are expected to be sent out in October 2017.

The benefits of natural light are being used in variety of ways, from long-haul flights helping to counteract jet lag to improving hospital patient care through changing colors that simulate a full 24 hours of day and night. How could windowless work spaces adapt the technology for improved employee health?



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