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Smart power adaptors track seniors' daily routines to make sure they're ok


Evermind is a new system which tracks the seniors' use of home devices so that relatives can be alerted to breaks in routine.

The population of the elderly is growing, and along with it the strain on nursing homes. Even if some seniors value the independence of living in their own home, they can still worry about the lack of help if an accident happens. We’ve previously written about Amulyte, a wearable emergency assistance button that helps seniors let family and caregivers know if they’re in trouble, wherever they are. While this could help the elderly lead more active lives, it comes with the price of having to wear it constantly. Evermind is a new system which tracks the seniors’ use of home devices so that relatives can be alerted to breaks in routine.

The system works through the use of power adaptors equipped with sensors that can be plugged in to any home socket. The devices detect when an appliance — whether it’s a microwave, coffee maker, TV, or electronic garage door — is operated. The data is then sent to relatives or caregivers over the home’s wifi network in the form of SMS or email notifications. The alerts give carers an indication of the daily routines of the homeowners. If there’s any activity that doesn’t fit the routine — for example, the garage door is still open at night, or the coffee maker hasn’t been activated in the morning — seniors can be contacted or visited to make sure they’re ok. They can also track longer usage trends through the Evermind website.

Watch the video below to learn more about Evermind:

The basic Evermind package includes 3 sensors and comes at a price of USD 199, along with a monthly subscription fee of USD 29. Are there other ways to help people keep track of loved ones without encroaching on their independence?



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