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Smart projector used to create interactive climbing wall

Sport & Fitness

Finnish innovation, Augmented Climbing Wall, is an interactive climbing game that uses projected graphics and body tracking technology.

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Springwise has already seen interactive technology successfully integrated into cycling, ping pong, yoga and basketball. Now, developers at the Aalto University Game Research faculty in Finland, have turned their attention to climbing.

Suitable for any skill level and age, Augmented Climbing Wall uses a smart projector to track an individual’s movements and light up a climbing wall with suggested routes, challenges or interactive games. The innovation can be used in a variety of ways: it can maximize the capacity of smaller climbing walls by creating distinct routes, using holds that users might not ordinarily aim for; it can act as a training device, providing feedback to help users improve their climbing; or motivate climbers with games. The startup currently offers a suite of applications: amongst them, Whack-A-Bat, a gamified endurance trainer, and Climball, a two player game that engages those climbing in competitive or cooperative play. The applications are integrated with cloud technology meaning the Augmented Climbing Wall is a global gaming platform.

The service is currently offered in three locations, all in Finland but available for international order. Where else could this technology be used?


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