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Smart seats at Melbourne stadium show HD replays

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High definition screens have been installed into some of Etihad stadium's luxury leather seats, to enable AFL fans to watch the video action on top of experiencing the physical game.

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Sport stadiums have an unbeatable atmosphere but the truth is that, often, fans can follow the game better watching it on the TV in their front room. Now, the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne has found a solution in the form of smart seats for its Medallion Club members.

Photo: Etihad Stadium

Photo: Etihad Stadium

The first batch of high definition tablets have been installed into some of the stadium’s luxury leather seats, which enable AFL fans to watch the video action on top of experiencing the physical game. Eventually there will be 1000 smart seats, created in collaboration with Telstra and Samsung. Viewers can use the screens, which extend out of their chair arm, to watch replays and see stats and a live scoreboard feed. They can also access news and social media, and even watch other entertainment channels from Fox Sports if they wish, but having spent vast sums to attend the game, their fellow fans are unlikely to appreciate such distractions. There are Nickelodeon channels for the youngsters to watch cartoons though, which could be a useful distraction for kids who aren’t as passionate about the game as their parents yet.

A Medallion Club season ticket costs AUD 5000 per year. How else could smart technology be used to enhance live events without distracting from the main action?



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