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Smart sensor douses fire with targeted mist

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Automist Smartscan system locates fires with infrared sensors and extinguishes with directed mist spray, which results in minimal water damage and wastage.

We’ve seen innovations such as jetpacks for skyscraper fires in Dubai and assistive smart headsets that help with firefighting, and now hoping to evolve the traditional sprinkler system is the Automist Smartscan.


The wall-mounted system, when alerted by heat sensors, scans the room using an infrared camera to target the hottest point in the room. It will then deploy a powerful jet of misty spray directly at the fire source, and can do so over a range of six meters. Misting systems use much less water than traditional ceiling-based sprinkler systems (1.5 gallons compared to 30 gallons per minute) and the targeted dousing virtually removes the problem of water damage. The Smartscans can be retrofitted onto existing structures, requiring minimal building work to connect to mains and boiler systems.

Could smart systems be implemented in other areas of hazard protection or prevention?



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