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Smart shopping bag could eliminate queuing

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Two startups are using smart shopping bags and QR codes to enable shoppers to scan and pay for their items as they shop, without going through a checkout.

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Self-scan checkout machines have sped up the consumer experience at many supermarkets. But now, two companies — Twyst and QueueHop — are going even further and eliminating the checkout line altogether. With the help of smart shopping bags and QR codes that use RFID technology, shoppers can scan and pay for their items as they shop without queuing for a cash register.

Both companies use a combination of RFID chip-enabled shopping bags and smartphone apps to streamline the shopping process for customers, while simultaneously enabling stores to collect valuable consumer data. Twyst’s product is a large shopping bag, with a smaller bag contained within it, which is connected to the internet and the shopper’s credit card. First, the shopper takes out the inner bag to initiate a shop. As they place items into the bag, the systems tallies up the items. When the customer leaves the shop, they are automatically charged for all of their items.

QueueHop uses RFID similarly, merging the convenience of online shopping with the perks of bricks and mortar stores. The startup enables shops to replace their security tags with RFID price tags, which customers can then scan using their smartphone and pay for digitally. QueueHop also enables shoppers to browse the inventory of nearby participating stores and receive personalized recommendations and discounts.

What other features of online shopping could be brought to physical stores using RFID technology?



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