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Smart shopping list tells users when wanted items are nearby


Booodl is a smartphone app which enables users to create a digital shopping list and informs them when their 'wants' are in stock nearby.

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Smart brands are quickly moving beyond simple e-commerce, using omni-channel retail to maximize their sales and customer relations. Now, from Australia, Booodl is a smart shopping list which helps consumers get the most out of their physical shopping trips by connecting the online and offline worlds.

Booodl is a smartphone app that notifies consumers when they come in close proximity to products from their digital wish list. To begin, users create their list adding ‘wants’ online. Then, when they are out and about, the app notifies the customer when one of their ‘wants’ is stocked nearby: the user can then get directions to the shop, message the store or even order an Uber to the location, all within the app. They can then either pop in for a closer look or make the purchase and simply visit the shop to collect it.


Booodl is currently available in Sydney where there are already over 1,400 stores onboard. It plans to expand to other cities in the near future. We have seen other products such as Amazon’s Dash button looking to create an effortless consumer experience and break down barriers between digital and physical retail environments. How else could online be used to enhance real world purchasing, rather than competing with it?



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