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Smart shower head monitors water usage with lights and games

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The Hydrao shower head tracks water usage with changing LED lights, and connects to an app for games and monitoring.

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We’ve seen how a smart water meter can help users track water usage, saving money and making houses more eco-friendly. Now also helping to raise water consumption awareness is Hydrao, a smart shower head.


Developed by Smart & Blue, Hydrao can be screwed onto regular shower hoses, and features an LED light that changes color as varying amounts of water passes through. It is powered without batteries by the flow of water, and connects to an app via Bluetooth, which users can use to customize light settings and water level thresholds for their family. The app also has infographics designed to monitor water consumption and educate young ones about sustainability, as well as competitions showing who has used the least water. Hydrao has successfully completed a crowdfunding round, and further preorders can be requested through their website.

By encouraging users to limit their water use, Smart & Blue estimate that households could save up to USD 250 per year. How else can businesses help users be more aware of home resource consumption?



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