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Smart, social beer glasses for wallet-less nights out

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Glassify smart glasses feature QR codes and NFC tech to interact with smartphone apps, enabling wallet-less ordering, gifting and in-app promotions.

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Connectedness in the service industry is no longer new; we’ve already seen indie coffee connoisseurs prepay for their flat whites, but continuing this trend, we’ve spotted smart beer glasses that assist drinkers in having a seamless night out.

With Glassify, participating bars provide beer glasses with QR codes or NFC chips built into the base. Customers scanning these codes are invited to download the Glassify app, giving access to a range of features such as wallet-less pre-pay ordering and house promotions. Glassify also lets users buy each other drinks and find other participating bars nearby and, when the fun’s over, order a cab ride home. Glassify, from Weissbeerger, is available to download from the App Store or Google Play and can also be used to order non-alcoholic drinks.

With assistive wine menu apps and crowdsourced AI beer recipes among the many recent innovations in the drinks industry, how else can bars and restaurants be made more digital and automated?



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