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Smart umbrella can never get lost

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Blunt + Tile umbrellas use GPS to help owners locate them when they're lost.

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Items that aren’t used too often can easily get left behind by accident, but can technology stop this from happening? We’ve already written about sunglasses and suitcases that use GPS to help owners locate them when they’re lost. Now Blunt has done the same for the umbrella.

Its Blunt + Tile umbrella comes in two sizes — the XS METRO + Tile and the CLASSIC + Tile. Both are packed with a built-in Bluetooth module that helps connect the umbrella to owners’ smartphones. The app communicates with the TILE sensor and users can track their umbrellas within 50 to 100 ft. If the umbrella is out of reach, another TILE user that happens to be in the area can discretely share the umbrellas location with the original owner. If it gets lost in the house, users can prompt the umbrella to emit a tune, much like Apple’s Find My Device function. Both models are specially made to endure heavy winds and withstand stormy weather situations. Prices start at USD 69 for the XS model and USD 99 for the CLASSIC.

What other commonly misplaced items could benefit from tracking capabilities such as this?



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