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Smart home ventilation | Photo source Deborah Cortelazzi on Unsplash

Smart ventilation system improves air quality

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A new ventilation system controls room temperature, tracks air quality and reduces energy use.

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Many smart home innovations seek to improve a homeowner’s environment. One example is a smart shower which minimises water waste by letting users pre-set the perfect temperature. Another example is the smart home remote which can recreate a homeowners favourite ‘scene. Now, smart home technology company Alea, has launched a smart ventilation system called Alea Air.

Alea Air offers users the perfect temperature in any room, saving on home energy usage and improved air quality. It controls temperature based on the users’ preferences, their habits and the floor plan of their home. All of these factors can be listed on Alea Air’s accompanying app which is available on both iPhone and Android. The vent also adjusts temperature based on room usage, time of day, sun exposure, local weather, and more. Backed by artificial intelligence software, Alea Air learns and adapts accordingly to changes in the users preferences.

With patented thermal energy harvesting technology, Alea Air’s batteries can last up to five years. The technology generates energy using changes in cold-to-hot air temperature. In addition to controlling temperature, Alea monitors a home’s air quality by checking for volatile organic compounds. If the air quality of a home declines, Alea Air will automatically alert the homeowner. Alea Air is also easy to install – setting up each vent takes around five minutes and downloading the app and setting up property preferences takes around 15 minutes. Currently, Alea Air is only being offered in North America.



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