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Smart wallet knows if you've lost a credit card

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Ping* is a Bluetooth-enabled wallet that notifies users when a card is removed or lost.

One way for consumers to ensure they don’t lose track of their credit cards is to combine them into one – a service that the Wallaby Card provides to its customers. However, the Ping* is offering an alternative, with its Bluetooth-enabled wallet that notifies users when a card is removed or lost.

Made of sleek aluminum, the ultra-thin credit card holder can be synced to owners’ smartphones and setup to provide notifications whenever items are removed from it. The Card Reminder Alert is activated when a card is removed from the wallet and not put back after a short amount of time. If the user has started a tab, the alert is postponed until they are ready to leave the venue, when it reminds them to settle the bill and pick up their card. The wallet comes with a built-in speaker that sounds an alert if the wallet is stolen or falls out of the user’s pocket. In this event, the wallet sends its last known GPS location to help relocate it. The video below explains more about the product:

The Ping* is currenty available to pre-order for USD 49 on Kickstarter. Given that statistics show that 43% of identity theft cases are enabled through lost or stolen wallets, could this innovation keep consumers’ cash more secure?



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