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Smart wristband

Smart wristband protects wearer from mosquitoes

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The wristband omits a signal similar to that of thunderstorms to deter mosquitoes from biting.

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A high-tech wristband aims to protect the wearer from mosquito bites. The device, named Nopixgo, simulates signals similar to that of a storm. As soon as mosquitoes perceive signs of an approaching thunderstorm, they fall into a protection mode. Their drive for self-protection overrides their need to bite. As a result, the majority of mosquitoes show passive behaviour or flee. The signal technology reduces the risk of mosquito bites within a radius of around two metres. It is also harmless to humans and animals. The radiation value is 180 times weaker than that omitted by smartphones.

Swiss inventor Kurt Stoll wanted to create protection from mosquito bites, carrying vector-based diseases such as malaria and zika that are life threatening. As the use of chemicals has been ineffective in preventing the spread of such diseases, Stoll created the wristband in a hope that smart technology would build an invisible barrier to the pests. However, Nopixgo isn’t 100% effective and the signals may not impact some mosquitoes. Stoll is mindful that mosquitoes are an important part of the ecosystem, so the signal omitted from Nopixgo simply deters them from biting and doesn’t cause the bugs any harm. The device is available in five colours and the battery lasts up to one week. Nopixgo fits anyone aged six years old and above and is available to buy now for £77.

Technology is helping reduce the spread of diseases in ways that could never have been imagined a decade ago. In addition to helping to better understand diseases, technology is also a reliable detection means both in medical environments and at home. A home-use device created by an Israeli startup is helping the early detection of breast cancer. Another impressive innovation is the smart mirror than monitors malignant moles. How do you use technology to keep track of your health?




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