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Smartband for kids turns any object into a toy

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Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Japan's Moff is a smart bracelet that lets kids use any object as a toy in a number of imagination-based smartphone games.

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Parents often express concern over the effect technology is having on their children. As the thinking goes, kids these days have replaced playing in the park with Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, and their imaginations are being eroded by tech that does all the thinking for them. Springwise recently wrote about Loop — a gaming system that aims to tackle the first issue with gameplay that takes place outdoors — and now Japanese innovators have developed Moff, a smart bracelet that lets kids use any object as a toy in a number of imagination-based smartphone games.

The band, which attaches to the wrist much like a slap bracelet, features an accelerometer, gyro sensor and Bluetooth transmitter that connects it to a smartphone. Through the Moff app market, kids can then download different types of play from tennis, golf, toy gun, air guitar and magic wand. Rather than using a screen, the band uses its on-board LED and musical signals to provide queues to the child according to the game picked. For example, in toy gun mode a pointing gesture is matched with the sound of a laser firing, while in tennis mode a swing of the arm is matched with an indication of whether the imaginary ball made it over the net. It’s this method that enables Moff to use smart tech to bring otherwise dumb objects to life, without sacrificing the need for children to use their creativity during play. The video offers a demonstration of the gadget:

Those looking to get their hands on a Moff band can currently pledge USD 49 or more to do so. Are there other ways to combine today’s gaming tech with exercise for the body and mind to help kids develop more healthfully?




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