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Free water-saving tool with toilet paper purchase

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Where Stop the Water aims to get consumers to use less water in the shower, Kimberly-Clark is focusing its attention on all the gallons that are flushed away each year. Recognizing that toilet flushing is actually the No. 1 use of water in the home, the company last month launched an initiative whereby it’s giving out a free water conservation tool with every purchase of its Scott Naturals bath tissue. The Smart Flush bag offers a safe and easy way for households to save water. When placed in the toilet tank, the material in the bag absorbs water and expands. By taking up space in the tank, the bag makes less available for water, with the result that each flush uses up to one liter less water than it normally would. A family of four, in fact, could save as much as 2,000 gallons of water per year by using the Smart Flush bag, Kimberly-Clark says. The Smart Flush bag is now being given away on Scott Naturals 8- and 12-pack bath tissue while supplies last at US retailers nationwide. Water shortages are expected in 36 US states over the next five years, Kimberly-Clark says, citing the U.S. Government Accountability Office. How can your brand help Generation G conserve while giving out its own eco-minded free love…? (Related: Eco-iconic toilet reuses sink’s wastewater.)



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