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Smarthome location tag creates a network of everything

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Pixie’s tags can be attached to a wide variety of objects to help users track down lost items. Using augmented reality, the in-app camera will show the objects onscreen as users hunt them down.

As businesses create tech to transform objects into a network of connected devices, Pixie has developed a tool that helps users keep track of anything — and it’s aptly named the ‘Locator of Things’ (LoT) network.

Pixie’s app-based system uses tags that can fix onto anything, from car keys to pet collars. The tags use radio frequency to communicate with each other, and low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with the app. Using augmented reality, the in-app camera will show tagged objects onscreen, even through walls. Users can also enable functional checklists, so that objects grouped for work such as the laptop, iPad, wallet and keys, can flag up if one of them isn’t present in close proximity to the user’s backpack. Pixie is available for preorder at USD 69.95 for a pack of four tags.

Pixie’s patented API software will soon be made available for independent developers. How else can the LoT network be used?



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