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Smartphone app lets musical heroes say 'hi' to their biggest fans

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Fansino is a new app that lets musicians see exactly where their listeners are and enables them to reach out to their biggest fans.

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Modern fandom is about far more than sending out fan-mail and praying for a response. Public figures of all kinds have embraced the relative safe space of social media networks such as Twitter and Instagram to interact with admirers, and fans themselves have a multitude of online platforms on which to reach out to their idols, as well as like-minded enthusiasts. Now, Fansino wants to take these connections to the next level for musicians and fans alike with a new smartphone app.

Fansino is a music-oriented social app that monitors users’ online listening habits by tracking all the major streaming services and social networks, enabling bands to keep up to date with who is listening to them where and who is mentioning them on social media. The app enables musicians to reach out to and acknowledge their most dedicated fans by sending messages to their most active followers. Fans can also utilize the FanTalk feature, which offers both one-on-one and group chats between users, and syncs multiple social media accunts so they can follow all the artists they love in one feed.

Fansino is currently in Beta. Could other areas of the entertainment industry use a similar platform?



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