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Smartphone app lets users donate a Euro to charity for free everyday

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Tinbox helps companies make their charitable work visible to the public by enabling them to sponsor individual users' daily donations.

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Those with charitable inclinations but limited funds can now support their favorite causes without spending their own money via a new mobile app called Tinbox. The Paris based start-up enables users to donate EUR 1 to a charity of their choice for free. The donations, which can be made once a day, are financed by one of the sponsor companies the start-up is working with — who in turn ensure that their charitable deeds don’t go unnoticed.

Tinbox enables companies to communicate their charitable work with the public: in particular to the socially conscious 18-30 demographic who are strongly concerned about companies’ contributions to society. Each day, the app prompts Tinbox members to browse a selection of causes. The user chooses which cause they wish to support and what area of the project they want their allotted EUR 1 to go towards. Then, when they make their donation, the logo of the company that sponsored it appears on their screen.

Tinbox acts as matchmaker between charities, donors and the public, helping companies maintain a positive public image and helping important causes receive the funding they need. Tinbox is not only a social enterprise: it is free to use for app users and charities but companies are charged a small fee on top of their donations. Are there other ways that companies could involve their customers in their charitable deeds?



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