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V2V safety app

Smartphone app warns drivers about road hazards

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Israeli startup has created a first vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) app which analyzes road conditions and car accidents to keep users safe.

Keeping drivers safe is a priority for many innovators. We have seen technology play a major role in assuring the safety of car users. For example, this GPS system helps people avoid flyovers. This fills the hole in the current reach of GPS sysetms using an angle difference method. Another way technology keeps road users safe is through the design of interactive pedestrian crossings. These crossings alert drivers of pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road making all road users more aware of one another. Now, the development of the Nexar application also uses advanced technology to provide drivers with detailed information about the roads and any potential hazards.

Created by a company based in Tel Aviv, the Nexar dashcam app detects accidents and provides detailed information about road conditions. The app can be downloaded to any smartphone and uses the device’s camera to gather data. Additionally for a more detailed, sophisticated view, users can purchase the accompanying HaloCam, to fix to their windshield. This camera extends the power of Nexar’s ability to capture images of the roads. The app collects the data gained through computer vision and sensor fusion technology. Using this information, the app alerts drivers about any potential road hazards or collisions. By warning drivers of real-time road hazards, Nexar prevents accidents.

Nexar is continually able to improve its service as the data it collects can be used to improve its deep-learning algorithms. Furthermore, the company has taken advantage of their unique road insights by partnering with insurance companies. This allows their users the chance of reduced insurance premiums if they are using Nexar. Could this be the beginning of a future without road accidents? How could this technology be made even more accessible and commonplace?



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