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Smart plate lets kids earn virtual currency when eating

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Yumit’s interactive plate detects when food is eaten, rewarding children with virtual currency they can spend on in-app games.

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With the world increasingly going digital, it is tricky for parents to offer children tangible rewards for doing good. We recently wrote about a New Zealand bank using e-moneyboxes to tackle this problem, and now Argentina-based Yumit are using smart tech to address the age-old dilemma of getting children to eat their food.


The Yumit meal set connects to a companion app, which makes eating an interactive experience. Meals are weighed in real time, with an inbuilt sensor detecting how much food the child is eating. The amount children eat is turned into ‘virtual energy’, which is uploaded to associated video games, incentivizing them to eat more to receive a greater amount of virtual currency. The placemat contains an LED display that keeps children informed of how many fun games they’ve unlocked during their meal, making eating a fun experience rather than a chore. All materials are machine washable, slip-proof and easy for children to use, minimizing meal-time mess.

Yumit’s interactive plates are designed to make a difficult parenting situation more fun for children, and less stressful for adults. What other disruptive tech could be used to help parents?



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