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Smartwatch turns user's hand into a phone

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The HOT Smartwatch is a piece of wearable tech with a touchscreen and gesture control that enables users to answer their phone using just their hand.

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With many major smartphone brands from Apple to Microsoft rumoured to be creating their own smartwatches, it’s widely supposed that the devices may be the near future of wearable computing. We’ve even already seen the Filip offer smartwatch capabilities to keep parents in touch with their kids, but the HOT Smartwatch is a new device with a touchscreen and gesture control that enables users to answer their phone using just their hand.

With a Kickstarter campaign due to close on Saturday currently sitting at USD 562,495 from a target of USD 150,000, the HOT Watch connects to users’ smartphones via Bluetooth, enabling them to interact with their phone without taking it out of their pocket. When a call is received, the caller ID is displayed on the watch and users can choose to answer or reject it using hand gestures. Rather than acting as a simple notification tool, the watch features a microphone and directional speaker, which enables users to take a phone call by cupping their hand to their ear. The sound is directed solely into the ear so the conversation remains private. In addition, the watch can be used to send text messages, emails and social media comments, check the weather and stock market, and also display a clock face. The video below explains more about the device:

Still available to pre-order for USD 119, the HOT Watch uses patent-pending Hands on Talk technology to facilitate phone calls while the user’s smartphone is safe from damage or theft by remaining in their pocket or bag. Could the HOT Watch set the precedent for the smartwatch industry of the future?

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