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Snacks in 30 minutes from all night delivery service

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GoPuff is a convenience store for the on-demand age, which helps snackers get a hold of their munchies without having to leave the house.

Unfortunately the most likely time to be craving a tub of Ben and Jerry’s or a bag of kettle chips is often the hardest time to get hold of them — whether that is because the local shop is shut or just because the pajamas are already on. Now, GoPuff is a convenience store for the on-demand age, which helps snackers get hold of their desired treats in less than 30 minutes, without having to leave the house.


To begin, hungry customers download the app and browse the items available, which include everything you would expect at a convenience store, including snacks, cigarettes and toiletries. Then, they add their choices to their cart. If the order is over USD 49, the delivery is free, and if not there is a flat delivery fee of USD 1.95. Once the order is placed and paid for through the app, the treats will be with them within 30 minutes anytime up to 4:20 am. GoPuff is currently available in central areas of Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix, New York City and more, with warehouses stocked nearby. Those who live further out of town can also have goods shipped via Fedex, with free domestic shipping on orders over USD 49.

We have already seen French startup Paris Picnic offer to deliver supplies for an impromptu picnic in under an hour. Is there anything still in need of an on-demand delivery service?



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