Innovation Snapshots

$99 each

Succinct curated innovation reports designed to bring you immediately up to speed on the innovations relevant to your industry or geography. Each snapshot contains 10 hand picked innovations.

  • Sample snapshot

    A sample snapshot with some of our favourite tech ideas
  • Health & Wellbeing

    The latest digital technologies helping to improve health and wellbeing.
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  • Going green

    A selection of innovations that minimise negative environmental impact.
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  • Mobility & Transport

    A look at the innovative technologies changing how vehicles are built, developed, powered and used by consumers.
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  • Shopping

    The latest innovations in customer service, personalization, in-store experience and location, in relation to the new retail landscape.
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  • Financial Services

    The most innovative new technologies, payment solutions and investment platforms disrupting the financial sector.
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  • Design

    A report featuring the most recent innovations in the world of design featuring a life-saving scarf for cyclists and a new concept for unused urban spaces.
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  • Chatbots

    Download the latest innovative ideas in the field of AI communication from an AI chef to a programme helping asylum seekers learn a new language.
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  • Internet of Things

    A selection of the hottest innovations from the IoT universe including a focus on data collection and sharing.
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  • Future Cities

    A snapshot of emerging technologies that will impact urban envrionments.
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  • Wearable Technology

    A look at the innovations that are pushing wearable tech into health care, education and our broader lives.
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  • Travel

    The breakthrough technologies, platforms and tools that will shape future travel experiences.
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  • Marketing & Advertising

    A selection of the most innovative global marketing campaigns from the past 12 months, and the new technologies facilitating this creativity.
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  • Spotlight on China

    The most exciting new start-ups, ideas and innovations from China.
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  • Spotlight on Brazil

    The most exciting new start-ups, ideas and innovations from Brazil
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  • Spotlight on Israel

    The most exciting new start-ups, ideas and innovations from Israel
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  • Spotlight on UAE

    The most exciting new start-ups, ideas and innovations from UAE.
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