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Sneaker vending machine


We know that many of our readers like a good vending machine story. In the past, we’ve featured machines that vend everything from umbrellas to hair straighteners, but we feel we’ve let you down on the vending front lately. Which is why we were happy to spot a new automated selling device in London: Onitsuka Tiger, the Japanese sports brand, launched a sneaker vending machine on Carnaby Street today. Sneaker vending isn’t entirely new—it’s been done in Japan, of course, and Reebok sold shoes from a vendomat back in 2004. Reebok’s machine, however, was a bit of a let-down: the sneakers were packed into a seemingly standard, drab box. Onitsuka Tiger, on the other hand, put some effort into custom-building their machine, which can sell 24 pairs of shoes at a time, in 6 sizes. Following its London debut, the machine will travel across the UK to bring convenience-buying to the rest of Britain’s sneakerheads. Fun bit of brand promotion (this marks a UK first for sneaker vending) and consumers should enjoy the concept, too. “What, these shoes? I just got them from a vending machine down the street.” To us, that sounds like a status story 😉



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