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Snowboard for the street

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A modification of skateboards, Freebords are designed to mimic the behaviour of a snowboard on a ski slope. Not only are they larger than standard skateboards, they also include two additional castor wheels down the center line of the board, sticking out just a bit more than the four side wheels, and allowing the board to carve and slide like a snowboard. According to Freebord: “You can hug a tight turn or drift a long, gentle slide, float a 360 or ride switch. Right down to the feel of its weighting and edging, the Freebord ride is snowboarding on pavement.” Or in the words of Besse Gardner, who spotted this product for us: “Kids bomb down cement hills at 40+ mph with as much ease and grace as gliding over snow.” Fun all year round, Freebords let snowboarders master tricks on the street before taking them to the slopes. Freebords retail from about USD 199, and are manufactured by Freebord, Inc. Considering this is still mostly an underground sport (like skateboarding was in the ’80s), good opportunities remain for entrepreneurs looking to mass distribute outside the US and Europe. Just make sure to be near hills.


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