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More low-impact branding from Curb: snow tagging

Eco & Sustainability

On Monday we featured Curb, a media agency that specializes in low-impact advertising with natural materials, including cutting logos into turf and building branded sand sculptures. Yesterday, Curb called to let us know that they’d added another novel medium to their offerings: snow tagging. The Curb team went out into central London—which has been unusually wintry these past few days—to deliver a quick-hit campaign for sports channel and lifestyle brand Extreme. Over 3,500 imprints were placed on parked cars, post boxes, walls and other snow-covered surfaces. The company used a laser-cut stencil to leave sharp imprints. Great detail from an entrepreneurial point of view: this wasn’t a planned campaign, at least not by Extreme. Curb realized they could do a smart burst of branding for Extreme if it would snow. So they prepared the stamps ahead of time, and called Extreme when it started snowing. The brand—clearly not constrained by slow-moving approval processes—seized the opportunity, gave an immediate go-ahead and is happy with the outcome. One for brands and agencies to learn from 😉



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