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Soap proof smartphone

Washable smartphone is water and soap-proof

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This Kyocera smartphone has a soap-proof and self-healing casing, so users can wash it like they would their dishes.

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As we enter into the colder months in the Northern hemisphere, colds and flus are prone to spreading around offices, making us remember that smartphones — which spend their time close to mouths and hands — are not particularly hygienic. We recently covered a Korean cafe that provided toasters for customers to sanitize their devices while they await their coffee, and now Japan-based Kyocera has developed a smartphone users can wash with soap.

The Digno Rafre handset contains standard Android software, and its outer casing has been specially designed to resist penetration of soap and water. This enables users to wash their handsets as they would their dishes, and accommodates a wide range of activities such as using their smartphone in a bubble bath. The case also has a self-healing coating, so minor abrasions will restore itself. The model is currently only available in Japan through the carrier KDDI, with no plans for a wider release.

Could this casing be developed for other devices too?



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