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Social button sends half of small donations to content creators, half to charities

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CentUp is a new platform that enables users to donate at the click of a button.

As the Kony 2012 campaign showed, viral sharing isn’t just limited to videos of cats and babies. Aiming to raise money for charities and creatives through ‘likes’, CentUp is a new platform that enables users to share content and donate to relevant parties at the click of a button. Donors creating an account with the service select a charity they would like to support and load some credit. Those creating content on the internet can then add the CentUp button next to each upload on their site, which acts as a ‘like’ button. When donors click the button to express their appreciation of the content, a few cents is automatically sent to the creator, and another few cents is sent to the charity chosen by the giver. The more successful content is at going viral, the more financial support is awarded to its original author and charities around the world. Once the button has been clicked, users can choose to share the content on social networks, driving further traffic to potentially result in donations. The following video explains more about how the system works: CentUp has successfully received funding from an Indiegogo campaign and is accepting applications from creatives wanting to add the button to their site. Just like Ark, CentUp aims to make charitable giving effortless by integrating donations into an everyday activity. How else can the regular support of nonprofits and creatives be more seamlessly incorporated into consumers’ routines? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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