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Social data layered onto maps brings cities to life

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Data aggregation platform Spatial.AI uses formal and informal information streams to provide businesses with rich layers of intelligence to add to any map.

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Organizing and making sense of the streams of information that swirl throughout the day is, thankfully, being made easier by a variety of projects. An online bookmarking site uses machine learning to categorize webpages into types of information, such as movie, file, book, recipe and more. Governments are getting involved and using big data for smarter cities. In more than 30 cities across Asia, GPS traffic data is being used to help manage the flow of traffic. Taking those developments to the next level by combining as many sources as possible is data aggregation platform Spatial.AI.

Spatial uses every source of information the company can pull into its platform, including apps, social media and formal government data, to provide businesses with an easy way to add a rich layer of knowledge to any map. Spatial uses geotagged data to categorize more than 160 behavioral patterns to create meaningful information about people, places, events, relationships and more. Currently working in three areas – travel, real estate and in-vehicle AI assistance – Spatial provides an application programming interface (API) for businesses.

An API allows companies to easily add Spatial’s insights to their areas of work for a much fuller offering. Visitors to an organization’s website can be provided, in one place, with information they would otherwise have had to search for from multiple sources. For example, some of the neighborhood personalities provided by Spatial for real estate agents include Family, Foodie, Healthy, Sights, Artsy and Nature. What common aspects of daily life could be improved through better links between data sets?



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