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Social media platform provides dog-sitting service

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Stayhound matches vacationing dog owners with available local pet sitters via Facebook.

We’ve recently featured several luxury hotel concepts that cater for pampered pooches, but now Stayhound in the US is offering a less costly alternative, by matching vacationing dog owners with available local pet sitters via Facebook. Stayhound was founded by a team of dog lovers who wanted assurance that they could leave their pets in safe and caring hands during any lengthy trips. Currently only available in Portland, the concept aims to connect pets with loving families and promote responsible pet ownership. Stayhound requires that all users log in through Facebook, which ensures the social context of community members is visible. Owners can then view pet sitters in their area, read user reviews and check availability. Sitters are responsible for setting their own rates, and while the site is in beta transactions will be handled directly between owners and sitters. Stayhound are planning an online payment facility in the future, and hope to create a network of “trustworthy and friendly” pet care providers. Through its use of Facebook, and implementation of user ratings and comments, Stayhound presents greater accountability to sitters and provides reassurance for owners. Inspiration for pet lovers in any country? Spotted by: Zachary Love



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