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Social music box judges party crowd and vibe, then selects the perfect tracks

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Chüne is a smart speaker that curates playlists taking into account people's different music tastes, as well as the vibe of the occasion.

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Japan’s emotion-detecting Mico headphones can already select the best music to suit individual users’ moods, but that task becomes trickier at social events, where crowds with varying music tastes can be difficult to please. Chüne is a smart speaker that curates playlists taking into account those differences, as well as the vibe of the occasion.

The product is the result of a brief-based design internship at UK-based creative agency Clearleft, where three graduates were charged with creating a new way to interact with digital media. The result is Chüne — a small, Bluetooth and wifi-enabled cuboid speaker that enabled multiple users to interact with it. Those downloading the companion app simply tap their phone onto the top of the device to sync it, then select the type of music they like — as broad as genre, or specific artists and tracks. Their preferences then get added to the mix and Chüne picks a playlist that will keep most attendants happy. In order to maintain a steady vibe, the box also has a knob that controls the mood, from low-key to full-on party, meaning that Beyoncé won’t be followed up with Leonard Cohen or Megadeath. Chüne also features a skip button that anyone can press to move onto the next track.

The Chüne was built using a Raspberry Pi and, although there don’t seem to be any plans to market the device, a similar product could be produced quite cheaply. How else can social elements be introduced into the selection and curation of entertainment?



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