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Social network helps hospital-bound patients make friends

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My Hospi Friends aims to prevent isolation by helping those staying in hospitals connect with other patients.

In recent years, social networking has been used to unite communities and solve social problems. Recent examples covered by Springwise include this app designed to connect the angling community and this platform which helps unite army veterans in an effort to curb suicides. Now, French innovation, My Hospi Friends helps those staying in hospitals to connect with other patients, with the aim to prevent isolation.

Users sign up and enter the name of the hospital they are staying in. Patients are then asked to list their interests, which the platform use to recommend tailored content, also enabling users to share their interests with each other. The site has all the features of a modern social network, such as photo and video sharing and instant messaging. Three years after its creation, My Hospi Friends has partnered with Netflix and Deezer to better the quality of entertainment they can offer.

My Hospi Friends plans to continue the development of ‘Hospi Connect’ which, in the long run, hopes to bring together all the services of a hospital in one single digital space, even developing an interface between patients and caregivers. Are there further social problems that can be solved by connecting people through virtual networks?



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