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Social network for kids focuses on sharing DIY creations

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Targeting “kids who make,” DIY aims to give creative children an online space to celebrate and share their creations.

We’ve already seen several social networks aimed at kids, but recently we came upon one with an interesting twist. Targeting “kids who make,” DIY aims to give creative children a place to celebrate and share their creations. Aimed at kids aged six and up, DIY is an online community for kids that strives to give them a place to collect and share everything they make as they grow up. Animal avatars protect kids’ privacy, but there’s ample opportunity to show off creations so that family, friends and grandparents can respond. “Recognition makes a kid feel great, and motivates them to keep going. We want them to keep making, and by doing so learn new skills, use technology constructively, begin a lifelong adventure of curiosity, and hopefully spend time offline, too,” the California-based site explains. By providing an online space dedicated to showcasing kids’ creations, and a place where they can receive positive feedback, DIY could help boost children’s self-esteem from a young age. Eventually, DIY plans to let kids customize their avatars with tools and clothes for an even more unique and creative identity. Though the site is currently free to use, paid memberships will ultimately offer extra features. How could your brand cater to the “maker kids” of the world?



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