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New social network only enables unfiltered, unedited videos

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Beme is a video-based social network that encourages more honest shared content, by removing the users' access to editing tools.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to share experiences, but when the creating and sharing of photos and videos replaces the actual experience itself — as is the case with most social networks — something is undeniably lost. Now, Beme is a social network which aims to put the authenticity back into shared content. The platform, which is currently in Beta, encourages users to create unfiltered, unedited video posts.

Taking its cues from the ephemeral nature of apps such as Snapchat, Beme enables users to temporarily share their experiences while never taking their eyes of the real world around them. Instead of viewing their video creations on-screen, users simply cover the proximity sensor on their smartphone, which causes the screen to go black and the app to begin recording. Beme records clips of up to four seconds at a time, but the user can record multiple clips which are automatically stitched together in the app. The video update is then instantly uploaded to the cloud and posted to other users who respond by capturing selfies of their reaction to the video in the moment, providing a simple, honest interaction between the users.


Beme is currently available to test for early access users, but curious readers can get hold of a code via their Twitter account. How else could limiting users’ tools help create more honest, enjoyable social media experiences?



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