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Social platform creates ad-free digital space

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A new social platform offers a better way for people to share content without ads.

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We have previously published social media innovations including an AI-powered app that rewards users for posting photos of clothing items. Another example is an AI tool that matches social media influences with suitable brands. A new social platform,,  is changing the way we use social media. It is a visual organisation tool that aims to create a space for people to share and develop their ideas without distractions such as ads.

The company claims that social media is damaged because it profits from taking up users’ time and attention. offers users the chance to claim an open-ended and mindful digital space. It places value on curiosity, collaboration, and creative thinking rather than championing likes and recommendations.

Built by designers, creative entrepreneurs and artists, the platform enables users to find inspiration, research and share ideas. allows users to structure information and build knowledge by saving any type of content they find online. Furthermore, users can choose whether they want to display their ideas on open, closed or private channels. Anyone can view and add to open channels. Everyone can view closed channels collaborators can add to them by invitation only. Private channels can only be viewed and edited by collaborators with an invite.

Paying Premium members’ contributions enable to be accessible by all and ad-free. In addition to the website, has just released an app for iPhone. They also recently won  the 2018 Innovation by Design General Excellence award.



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