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Social Q&A platform helps higher education students to share knowledge


Based in the Netherlands, Kroupys helps students from different programs to share their knowledge and create social groups based on their interests.

The internet has proven to be an essential go-to tool for acquiring knowledge, with sites such as Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia improving users’ general knowledge across the globe, and now we’ve come across a platform tailored specifically to those in higher education. New site Kroupys, based in the Netherlands, aims to make student knowledge sharing across universities easier. Kroupys uses a question-and-answer format to enable users to request information from others with knowledge in their field. The idea is that they can gain insight from those learning on related courses at other universities, as well as connecting with peers with similar interests. Kroupys allows students to log in with their Facebook or Twitter accounts and follow other users of the site. They can also follow questions – which provide notifications when replies are posted – and subscribe to tags that interest them – which creates a feed on their homepage. A ‘useful’ button enables the site’s users to determine which answers are the most helpful. Responders gain points based on how many ‘useful’ votes they receive and can become ‘Tag Leaders’ for the topics they interact with. Kroupys is currently working on collaborating with companies to provide Tag Leaders with prizes such as tickets to relevant conferences, dinners and social events. Kroupys aims to connect students with similar interests anywhere in the world, providing the opportunity to share knowledge from different courses. University leaders: one to get involved in?



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