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Your Facebook activity, analyzed and immortalized in 28 glossy pages

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We’ve already featured one effort to capture Facebook users’ online lives in a physical book, and recently we came across another like-minded initiative, this time from none other than Deutsche Post DHL. Created in cooperation with creative agency Cosalux, Social Memories is a Facebook application that turns users’ Facebook activity into a hardcover book with 28 glossy pages. Now in beta, Social Memories aims to give Facebook users a way to preserve their virtual lives in physical form. Users of the app, which is available in both German and English, begin by specifying the timeframe they’d like their book to cover. A minimum of 10 uploaded photos and 10 status updates since June 2009 are required. Social Memories then scans and analyzes that Facebook activity, reproducing photographs as well as creating a range of infographics revealing highlights and trends. With a customizable color scheme, the resulting book can then be viewed online for free. If users choose to order a professionally bound copy, the price is EUR 19 plus shipping; worldwide delivery is available. The video below illustrates the premise in more detail:
There are other similar efforts out there as well — Egobook and BookofFame, for example — so users increasingly face a choice in this area. In which other areas can you offer a little ON=OFF innovation? Spotted by: Denise Kuperman



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